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Immersive Digital Mock-Up

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Effective tools for a design review up to industry 4.0, such as immersive digital mock-ups and shared virtual environments for their analysis.


Cobalt software

COBALT is our software for instantaneous and frequent analysis of the project, suitable for classic or extemporaneous informal Design Review. COBALT transforms in real time your CAD file of an entire plant or ship into a Digital Mock-Up, ready to be examined and traveled with the fluidity of the seagulls flight, no matter how huge the geometry is.

DMU Service

DMU service

We set up for you Digital Mock-Ups with a powerful descriptive impact for Design Review, Presentation Marketing and Exhibition.  Any CAD of your project is materialised in a true 3D digital prototype, equipped with inherent functionality and easily controllable. Moreover, we can also suggest and implement the most suitable 3D system for each case.


SIDRAN is a research project to enhance the effectiveness of the Design Review and to facilitate participation even for those who are far from engineering. Developed by Arsenal in partnership with Fincantieri Oil & Gas and the Cognitive Ergonomics Laboratory of the University of Trieste, with the financial contribution of the FVG Region.

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