About Us

About Us

Virtual reality is only immersive for us: our renderings have rarely not been “real time”.

All our efforts are aimed at creating effective tools for a design review that is up to industry 4.0, such as immersive digital mock-ups and shared virtual environments for their analysis.

We spent our first twenty years creating the most varied real-time VR projects, for example: a remote control centre for urban buses, the entire territory of our city when Google Earth was not there yet, match races tracked for live TV, the 300-m long Free Electron Laser machine from huge CATIA file , and lately many Digital Mock-Ups for naval engineering.

Arsenal has been developing VR and real time rendering engines for twenty years, in a fertile research environment and in the sea and shipbuilding sector, which have shaped our profile and our know-how.

Our city, Trieste, is weel-known for being a historic naval engineering district; it is within the complexity of this environment that we measure ourselves, offering our specific expertise and collaboration. The SIDRAN project is the natural evolution of this experience.

The season of VR widespread in the industry has just begun, everyone is becoming familiar with 3D HMDs and controllers,  this technology with indisputable usefulness becomes finally part of the Design process. Arsenal is going to continue improving the products for the Design Review and the DMU services, always in touch with the engineering of companies, and always attentive to the state of art in the VR world.

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