COBALT is a software that provides the most advanced virtual reality technologies to the industry.

It has been developed specifically for the industrial and manufacturing fields and incorporates advanced features that not only support designers and engineers during the product development and design phases, but also offer a new level of understanding of the product to the customer, from its earliest stages of design to its delivery. Whether it is a yacht, a cruise ship, a submarine, an industrial site, a new building or other infrastructure, a new piece of equipment, even a molecule: all that is normally modeled in 3D with computer graphics becomes “alive” with a level of immersion never experienced before.

Today Cobalt is released in three versions:


For instantaneous and frequent analysis of the project, for informal Design Review, COBALT virtually realizes in real time the CAD model of an entire plant or ship, ready to be examined and traveled with the fluidity of the seagulls flight, no matter how huge the geometry is.


For Design Review; in this COBALT version have been implemented new features have been implemented and developed specifically for the Design Review activities.

COBALT Viewer (Free download)

It allows you to open, view and examine Digital Mock-Up files with .dmu extension, the format that COBALT uses to save and export.

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