With COBALT your 3D models are easily translated into a virtual environment that is fully navigable by anyone thanks to the simplicity of its controls.

The COBALT software is based on an intelligent rendering engine, which allows advanced visualisation of models developed with the most common CAD software in a 3D stereoscopic environment.

It is not a CAD software, it can not be used to develop 3D models. But,  in a few moments, COBALT can import your CAD models, usually developed by yourself with your preferred CAD software, into a virtual digital mock-up which can be explored using the most advanced devices for virtual reality, i.e. headsets such as Oculus, a 3D theatre or a 3D-TV.

Use cases

If you are an engineering company that works for customers in the naval, mechanical, oil & gas, civil construction sectors, but also in architecture and urban planning, you have the opportunity to improve the effectiveness and productivity of your service. Not only by placing COBALT in your workflow , but also suggesting it to your customers; in fact, you will be able to share the project with them at any time of the development, immerging them in a Digital Mock-Up in the essential natural proportion, for a design review free from misunderstandings and ambiguities.

In addition to these advantages, consider how much can the image of your society could gain from this innovation. Moreover, we will reserve you a very convenient price for every COBALT license that you  propose to your customers.

Whenever it is very important to be able to analyse the model in natural size, as in the case of the view from the ship’s deck, this is another situation in which the power of COBALT is the protagonist. Thanks to the instant import of your CAD model in COBALT and , without hesitation, at every project revision, with the HMD on your head you are really on the deck and can look in all directions to verify that the layout of the deck guarantees a safe view to the captain.



Hardware requirements

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