Cobalt Design Review adds to the features of the Basic version everything which is needed for an effective design review session.

This is a COBALT application developed specifically for design review activities, where it is important to  record the participants’ observations accurately (such as analysis, criticism, suggestions, change decisions), and review what was recorded in the previous Design Review. The software can easily import CAD models created with the most common CAD modelling software, thereby preserving your existing tools and design processes. You don’t need to redesign all your IT architecture, but you can immediately integrate COBALT into your workflow. Designers, managers and other stakeholders can easily navigate and explore the design at different stages by “diving” into a virtual environment. This simplifies their understanding and perception of the design output. Interferences, ergonomics, maintenance feasibility, accessibility, installation issues could be easily studied in a more natural way, thus considerably  increasing the possibility of detecting faults which are typically found only later, in the construction phase.

Use cases

When the Project Plan (or the Contract itself) includes a series of Design Reviews with the participation of several stakers with different stages of confidence with the engineering language, COBALT does a great service: besides making the participants literally enter the product materialised by the DMU for the simplest and unambiguous representation, it also provides all the tools for an orderly, documented and reproducible DR session (see features)



Hardware requirements

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