COBALT Educational Licence

The Educational licence has all the features of COBALT Basic.

University faculties and technical schools have the opportunity to bring students closer to the practices they will meet on their arrival in Industry 4.0. With a single COBALT educational licence you can get DMUs from every CAD drill and distribute them to all Cobalt Viewers you wish to install for free.

Cobalt educational – one licence: € 699

To order educational version, proof of status is required. Read more or contact us using the form on the Contacts page.

Proof of status


If you are a full-time student with an acceptable form of academic ID at a regulated primary school, secondary school, college or university (it must be a one-year course minimum), you qualify to order a single‑user educational license. Any of the following certifications will be valid:

  • Your student ID dated for the current school term
  • Your academic record dated for the current school term
  • Your tuition bill dated for the current school term
  • A letter from the educational institution certifying your educational status for the current school term


If you are a member of the faculty or staff with an acceptable form of academic ID at a primary school, secondary school, college, university, or career state-accredited school, you qualify to order a single-user educational license. Provide one of the following with your order:

  • Your current course schedule dated for the current school term
  • Faculty/staff pay stub from the current school term


Any government accredited school can order single‑user educational licenses on a school purchase order or procurement card.
These licenses can only be run on computers owned by the school.

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